AGC (12/1/2013)

Participants: 34


1st: Colin Ang (Mermail Atlanteans)

2nd: Daniel Ang (Wind-Up)

3rd: “Sazabi” YU Bixuan (Mermail Atlanteans)

4th: Ng Nian Jie (Mermail Atlanteans)

5th: Jeff Soh (Fire Fist Rabbit)

6th: Glen (Verz Rabbit)

7th: Anthony (Chaos Dragon)

8th: Sam (Wind-Ups)

Top 8 Breakdown

3 Mermail Atlanteans

2 Wind-Up

1 Evilswarm Rabbit

1 Fire Fist Rabbit

1 Chaos Dragon


This week, only ONE Evilswarm Rabbit got into Top 8! With Mermail Atlanteans taking 3!



AGC (5/1/2013)

Participants: 31


1st: William OH (Evilswarm Rabbit)

2nd: Yong Wei Ann “MamaLemon” (Hero Beat)

3rd: YU Bixuan “Sazabi” (Wind-Up)

4th: Ben Tan (Mermail Atlanteans)

5th: Cassandra Ang (Evilswarm Rabbit)

6th: Zan Hao (Dark World)

7th: Wesley Seek (Wind-Up)

8th: “Red Ogre” Wen Kang (Evilswarm Rabbit)

Top 8 Breakdown

3 Evilswarm Rabbit

2 Wind-Up

1 Mermail Atlanteans

1 Hero Beat

1 Dark World


Not as many Evilswarm Rabbit players got into the Top 8 this week, however they still take up 3/8 of the Top 8 Decks.

2 Wind-Ups got in, piloted by High Level Gaming’s Yu Bixuan and Wesley Seek.

One Mermail Atlantean player got into the Top 8 this week. Ben Tan who was previously playing in the TCG territory has been performing quite consistently in 2012, and I will be expecting much more from him in 2013.


PS: I have the entire decklist distribution for this tournament as well as many Duel Videos, will upload them when I have the time.

AGC New Year Tournament (1/1/2013)

Participants: 29


1st – Qian Rui (Machina Gadgets)

2nd – YU Bixuan (Wind-Ups)

3rd – Shaun Lin (Mermail Atlanteans)

4th – Jacob (Evilswarm Rabbit)

5th/6th – Cassandra Ang (Evilswarm Rabbit)/Gavin HUM (Evilswarm Rabbit)

7th/8th – Daniel Ang (Evilswarm Rabbit)/Ryan (Evilswarm Rabbit)

Top 8 Breakdown

5 Evilswarm Rabbit

1 Wind-Ups

1 Mermail Atlanteans

1 Machina Gadgets


First tournament of the year and Evilswarm Rabbit still maintains its strong grip on the Meta, taking a whopping 5/8 spots in the Top 8.

The usual decks like Wind-Ups and Mermail Atlanteans still managed to squeeze into the Top 8 though only taking one spot each.

A suprise contender of Machina Gadgets also managed to get into the Top 8 and eventually got first place, much to everyone’s suprise.